Coastal holiday homes for buy-to-let and investment in Seaham, Durham

Buy-to-let and investment

Investing in a furnished holiday home presents a unique opportunity for regular getaways and to generate tax-free rental income. The thriving UK staycation market, coupled with the potential for property value appreciation and tax benefits with the furnished holiday lettings act, makes this an ideal time to make your purchase. Plus, our comprehensive subletting programme oversees all aspects, from bookings to maintenance, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.

How it works

When you invest in one of our Residences, you have the flexibility to rent it out year-round or reserve it solely for yourself and your family. Opting for subletting allows you to choose from various rental periods, including low, medium, and premium times such as summer months, school holidays, and public holidays, maximising your income potential. You can choose between our Lifestyle and Sublet options or combine both for the best fit. If you decide to rent out your holiday home, you can still enjoy various tax advantages by meeting specific criteria under the furnished holiday lettings act for tax-free earnings.

With a rental season spanning 12 months, you have the opportunity to earn year-round income, retaining 70% of the net rental income for the weeks your lodge is occupied. Seaham Hall manages the remaining 30% to cover sales, marketing, agency fees, and overheads. This arrangement guarantees convenience, income potential, and capital growth within a thriving market.

Sublet guarantee

Earn up to £58,133 annually!

When subletting, your investment yield is guaranteed for the first two years. Imagine earning up to £58,133 annually during this period, totalling an impressive £116,266! You have the potential to earn even more, whilst still being able to enjoy up to 10 weeks holiday per year for you and your family to use.

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